15 Unique Instagram Reels Ideas for your Business in 2024

When Instagram Reels originally launched, people mocked it as a TikTok imitation. But since its release, the potent tool has demonstrated that it has some major brand power. We are finding the best Instagram Reels Ideas for 2024.

Reels endure, unlike Instagram Stories, which vanish, which explains why. As long as you like, the content you make will remain under your account’s Reels area.

Reels can change the game if you want to raise engagement and awareness. But it requires some effort and forethought to come up with an idea and then produce material.

Having trouble thinking about Instagram Reels ideas for your company? Check out our collection of inspiration for Instagram Reels or go straight to the conclusion for hooks to inspire you. In no time, you’ll be producing vertical videos and winning over new business partners!

Top Ideas for Instagram Reels

1. Show off your work

2. Display your skills

3. Invite participation

4. Go behind the scenes

5. Share your values

6. Reel vs. reality

7. Tell it like it is

8. Use filters

9. Count it down

10. Show a before and after

11. Get musical

12. Play around with style

13. Create a tutorial

14. Get silly with it

15. Repurpose evergreen content

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15 Instagram Reels Ideas That Will Boost Engagement in 2024

1. Show off Your Work:

The most obvious Reels tip is also one of the best: showcase your accomplishments.

With their continuing #InMyYaks campaign, British clothing brand Lucy and Yak does this effectively. This hashtag serves as the hook for their Instagram Reels, which feature new products. Fans of Lucy and Yak have also started using the hashtag to display their clothes.

Create a hashtag that highlights your goods, then utilize it. Fans will probably do the same.

Instagram reels Ideas: Your Work

2. Display Your Skills:

Reels that highlight the skill required to produce your good or service are always a good idea.

Cleopatra’s Bling, a jewelry company, uses Instagram Reels to show off the craftsmanship of their exquisite items. Even the necessary coffee break is included.

3. Invite Participation:

The better your Reels perform, the more engagement you receive. However, you are not required to wait for comments to come in naturally. Create Reels that promote conversation instead.

Letterfolk, a type-focused home products brand, hit the mark with their St. Patrick’s Day Reel. A stunning animation showcases their offering. Additionally, it invites viewers to participate in the Reel by tagging a lucky acquaintance.

4. Go Behind the Scenes:

Show off some behind-the-scenes magic, please. If you’re going to set up a shot anyhow, spend a few minutes making some sloppy B-roll.

In this Reel, the sportswear company Bliss Club did it. They casually introduce their models as BlissFaces and beckon the spectator in. It makes their entire advertising campaign seem more approachable.

5. Share Your Values:

Share your company’s ethical standards if you believe in them! Maybe sustainable packaging or materials from ethical sources are your top priorities. Why not use a reel to inform the world?

Here’s a fantastic illustration of how Kay Carter Homeware accomplished it. A look into the studio procedures used by the company is provided in Their Reel. They are motivating other small company owners and prospective clients with information like this.

6. Reel vs. Reality:

Go a step further if you’re already peeking behind the curtain. Become a little more open about what it’s like to run a firm. People adore creative content that highlights your brand’s human side.

Consider the You’re the Bomb founder Luana’s Reel, in which she discusses the successes and failures of managing a company.

The Reel itself is ambiguous enough to be entertaining and fun. Nevertheless, Laura expands on the hardships of being an entrepreneur in the caption. Although the majority of us may not have experience running a vegan bath bomb business in New Zealand, we can nonetheless empathize.

7. Tell it Like it Is:

 Brands that don’t mind a bit of genuine expression always have a following. For this, the Reels format is the ideal setting. Namrata Vaid, a brand consultant, uses a popular audio sample in this piece to convey an unvarnished viewpoint.

You can dispel rumors, offer your opinions, and express yourself in your own Reels using audio, writing, and facial expressions. Although it can seem excessively specialized, these postings frequently perform well. Clients and customers will value your honesty. Peers in your sector could increase their interaction with you.

8. Use Filters:

 It’s true that being authentic and direct can help spread the word. However, it’s possible it wouldn’t feel appropriate for your brand. If so, you can learn more about Instagram’s augmented reality (AR) filters.

Create some incredibly futuristic posts by adding AR filters to your toolset for Reels.

9. Count it Down:

 On Reels, you get a whole minute to fill, which is actually a good amount of time to list your top favorites.

Three delectable dishes are provided here by Greg of Greg’s Vegan Gourmet, but there are others as well. He also uses a lot of jokes and natural calls to action to encourage visitors to visit his page. He has so much information, yet he only lasts a minute!

10. Show a Before and After:

A makeover montage is the best thing ever, right? Reels can be the ideal option for your organization if your line of work requires any kind of transition.

Here, the expert organizers of Organised Dwelling clean up a disorganized office mess. It can be easily edited to turn it into a calming and useful cabinet.

11. Get Musical:

Instagram Reels are another type of dancing video that will always be popular on the internet (remember the first dancing baby?!). Just make sure you’re dancing to the styles from this week, not from last.

By following Instagram’s official @creators account, you can stay up to date with anything musical rather than joining a trend too late.

You won’t ever fall behind because they provide weekly updates on popular music and dances.

12. Play Around with Style:

Sharing fashion on a visual medium like Instagram just makes sense. (And it’s likely that the #ootd hashtag will outlive us all.) Why not attempt to capture some of that magic for yourself if it makes sense for your brand?

Share your team’s attire for the office or flaunt your WFH style. A Reel made from a week’s worth of clothing can be entertaining, simple to edit, and gain a surprising amount of attention.

13. Create a Tutorial:

People still primarily learn how to do anything on the internet. Therefore, it is always a good idea to use social media to share your experience, regardless of what it is in.

Here, Adobe offers creative ideas for utilizing its technologies to make thoughtful, personalized presents for loved ones.

14. Get Silly with it:

Online, keeping your calm won’t get you very far. It’s acceptable to let go occasionally and have some good old-fashioned fun.

In this Reel, Boldfaced Goods accomplishes precisely that. They make fun of a spouse who forgets to bring their eco-friendly dishrags from the supermarket and instead brings home paper towels.

15. Repurpose Evergreen Content:

Try using them as Instagram Reels if you’ve created promotional videos for other platforms and had some success with them (or, to be honest, even if you didn’t). Think of Reels as a chance to breathe new life into your YouTube films!

It might be necessary to adjust your modification to meet the 9:16 aspect ratio, but it will almost certainly be worthwhile. After all, a professionally produced video stands out in a sea of front-facing camera rants.

Meanwhile, Instagram has made the process of turning your Stories into Reels REMARKABLY simple. To learn how to create new Instagram Reels from your previous Stories, featuring 7 trending ideas, touch with The Maurya Sir.

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