Top 9 Interactive Movies Online You Must Watch

The word “interactive film” in the film industry refers to interactive cinema, which is a movie where one or more spectators can interact with it and change how the plot develops. In this blog, we are going to present the top 9 Interactive movies online that you must watch in your life.

Interactive films have been around since 1967, although they have advanced significantly since then. It has even experienced a rebirth in recent years. These days, there is a tonne of fantastic interactive films available online.

Movies that combine game-like involvement with the narrative appeal of films are known as interactive films. The best interactive films that you can watch and control online in your computer browser are listed in this post.

A video game or other interactive medium that resembles a cinematic film is called an interactive movie. The phrase refers to a “movie game” in the video game business, which is a type of video game that displays its gameplay in a dramatic, staged way, frequently by using full-motion video of either animated or real-world material.

1. Five Minutes

In Five Minutes, a zombie apocalypse is depicted. A guy with a gun to his head, his daughter in the next room, and a swarm of zombies trying to burst down the door are all present in the opening scene of the movie.

The title of the movie refers to how long it takes for a person to contract the zombie virus as you must interact and draw shapes to complete actions in Five Minutes, the past and present alternate. It’s thrilling, albeit violent.

Interactive Movies Online : Five Minutes

2. Possibilia

Possibilia describes itself as a multiverse-based interactive love story. The team behind Swiss Army Man, a ridiculous movie in which Daniel Radcliffe plays a corpse, is responsible for its direction.

A young couple in Possibilia is contemplating divorcing one another. This straightforward idea is presented in an amazing way where you can choose from up to 16 alternative readings of the same screenplay. The peculiarity is that they all take place simultaneously and overlap.

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Interactive Movies Online : Possibilia

3. Chatterbox: Escape the Asylum

You take on the role of a man in an asylum in Chatterbox. He is being pulled in one direction and pushed in another by all the voices inside his head. The path he travels is up to you.

The protagonist’s desire to leave the asylum drives the plot, but he must first cope with the other patients and his sanity. Despite the cliched way in which mental illness is portrayed, the experience is nonetheless enjoyable.

Interactive Movies Online : Chatterbox

4. Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

With the release of Black Mirror: Bandersnatch in 2018, Netflix brought interactive films back into the forefront. The movie combines science fiction and horror, as is customary for Black Mirror.

You take the role of a programmer who is creating a video game based on a choose-your-own-adventure novel. As he starts to doubt his reality and things start to get out of hand, you decide for him.

If you liked Bandersnatch, you should watch the finest interactive Netflix series.

Interactive Movies Online : Bandersnatch

5. Solace

An interactive film created for the browser is called Solace. Two buddies are heard conversing over voice-over about a fruit drink from their youth that they both found to be quite addicting. It takes place shortly and is all about how marketing and addiction are related.

You can interact with the abstract color shapes that are whirling around the screen to represent the story by poking, pushing, popping, and other actions. Both the audio and the pictures respond to your movements.

It would help if you used Google Chrome to view Solace because it was created as part of the Experiments with Google initiative.

Interactive Movies Online : Solace

6. A Week In The Life Of Milly

Former child prodigy Milly needs a rise in a career she despises since her life is going nowhere. She consults self-help books to make decisions.

You get to decide which book advice Milly takes into account at specific moments, such as how she responds to her landlord’s demand for rent or handles running into her childhood crush. Milly’s understanding of being in an interactive movie elevates this endearing tale.

Interactive Movies Online : Milly

7. Dead Lonely

The outstanding Wallace and Gromit series was made by Aardman. In collaboration with Rapt Media, the company made this interactive film. In the post-apocalyptic setting of Dead Lonely, a man by the name of Fred is searching for his long-lost girlfriend.

You must make decisions that affect Fred’s course, such as whether to enter the hair salon or what to purchase from the gift shop. However, exercise caution because many choices result in death. The interactive components are fun, but Aardman’s aesthetic and wit elevate this.

Interactive Movies Online : Dead lonely

8. A Heist With Markiplier

For this interactive film titled A Heist With Markiplier, YouTube collaborated with a well-known YouTuber. Markiplier plays a cat burglar seeking to escape the building he burglarized in the first-person perspective movie.

Markiplier makes a fantastic main character and brings some much-needed humor to the narrative. Be careful with your decision because there are 31 different endings to try and it’s possible to reach “Game Over” while playing.

Since its platform is the ideal home for this style of storytelling, maybe YouTube tries out more of it in the future.

Heist with markiplier

9. Minecraft: Story Mode

The episodic video game adventure from Telltale Games has an interactive Netflix version called Minecraft: Story Mode. Naturally, it is based on the enormously well-liked block-building video game, Minecraft.

The plot is a straightforward Good vs. Evil struggle, but it’s an exciting journey that youngsters will love because they get to create their paths in the Minecraft universe.

You should read our post on how to play Minecraft for free in your browser if you like Minecraft: Story Mode.

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