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Healthy Millet Pancake Recipe

Find Vegetarian Recipe: Millet Pancake Recipe

Introduction of Healthy Millet Pancake:

Looking for a tasty and wholesome alternative to your typical pancakes? The best option is millet pancakes! These delicious delicacies offer a healthy substitute for regular pancakes. A gluten-free grain known as millet is bursting with vitamins and minerals in addition to fibre. Try this delicious millet pancake recipe if you’re looking for a healthy breakfast or snack. It’s a tasty way to start your day off while taking advantage of the goodness of wholesome ingredients.

Millet Pancake Recipe Materials:

  • Potatoes: 2-3 pcs
  • Carrot: ½ cup
  • Spring onions: ½ cup
  • Onion chopped: ½ cup 
  • Chopped fresh coriander: 1 tbsp 
  • Green chilli: 1 tsp 
  • Jowar flour: 1 cup
  • Besan: ½ cup 
  • White sesame: 2 tbsp
  • Salt: 1 tbsp 
  • Turmeric: 1 tsp 
  • Garam masala: 1 tsp 
  • Black pepper: 1 pinch 
  • Water: 1 cup 
  • Oil: ½ tbsp 

How to Cook Millet Pancake Recipe:

  • In order to start, make sure you have all the necessary components on hand, including the following: potatoes, carrots, green onions, fresh coriander, onions, and green chillies; as well as jowar flour, besan (gram flour), white sesame seeds, salt, turmeric powder, and black pepper powder; as well as water, oil, and tomato ketchup.
  • Start by giving the potatoes a thorough wash. Use a peeler to remove the skins once they have been cleaned. Add some water to the basin with the grated potatoes. Gently whisk it, then twice rinse the grated potatoes. This step is crucial since it aids in removing extra starch from the potatoes, improving the final dish’s texture.
  • After washing the shredded potatoes, drain any extra water by straining them through a sieve or colander. Next, firmly squeeze the shredded potatoes to remove any liquid that may still be present. Put the squeezed potatoes in another bowl.

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  • Let’s now add the grated carrots to the bowl with the grated potatoes. The inclusion of carrots gives the pancakes a touch of sweetness and brilliant color. Chop some fresh coriander, green onions, and onions finely. Finely chop some green chillies as well if you like a little heat. To the basin containing the potatoes and carrots, add all of these ingredients.
  • Then add besan (gram flour) and jowar flour to the batter. The pancakes have a delicious texture thanks to the help of besan flour, which helps bind the ingredients together. Sprinkle some white sesame seeds on top for crunch and flavour. To your desire, add salt, turmeric powder, and black pepper powder to the batter. Combine everything thoroughly.
  • Gradually add water while churning to create a medium-thick consistency because the batter may thicken. While a flat pan is being ready, set the batter aside to rest.
  • Drizzle oil into a hot pan, ensuring that the surface is evenly coated. Heat the pan and then place a spoonful of the batter on it to create a medium-thick pancake. Sprinkle some sesame seeds on top to improve the taste and texture.
  • The pancake should be cooked over medium to low heat until the bottom is a lovely golden colour. Turn it over gently and continue cooking the other side until it is equally crispy and golden brown. Repeat this procedure with the remaining batter until you have created all of the pancakes.

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  • Transfer the perfectly cooked pancakes to a serving plate after removing them from the pan. much though these delicious millet pancakes already have a wonderful flavour, combining them with tomato ketchup for dipping will only make them much better.
  • Let everyone enjoy the pancakes’ crispy exterior and tender interior by serving them while they’re still hot. Using potatoes, carrots, green onions, and spices together in perfect harmony results in a delectable dish that will certainly leave you wanting more.
  • These millet pancakes are not only delicious, but they also have a healthy profile thanks to the use of jowar wheat and the addition of veggies. They offer a balanced and gratifying culinary experience, whether consumed as a filling meal or a satisfying snack. So gather your stuff and try out this dish to go on a gastronomic trip. With these delicious millet pancakes, you may enjoy the benefits of potatoes in a novel and nutritious way.

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Moong Dal Pakore Recipe

Find Vegetarian Recipes: Moong Dal Pakore Recipe

Moong Dal Pakore Recipe Materials:

  • Moong dal split soaked 1 cup
  • Green chilli 1 pc
  • Ginger 1 inch 
  • Jeera ½ tbsp
  • Water as required 
  • Coriander seeds 1 tbsp
  • Saunf ½ tbsp
  • Black pepper 10-12 pcs
  • Hing 1 tsp
  • Salt ½ tbsp
  • Red chilli powder ½ tbsp
  • Turmeric powder 1 tsp 
  • Kasoori methi 1 tbsp
  • Coriander chopped 1 tbsp
  • Carrot grated ½ cup
  • Green peas ¼ cup
  • Capsicum ¼ cup
  • Onion chopped ½ cup
  • Baking soda ½ tsp
  • Rice flour 2 tbsp
  • Chaat masala 1 tsp
  • Green chutney

 How to Cook Moong Dal Pakore Recipe:

  • Yellow moong dal should first be cleaned and washed before soaking for two hours. Transfer the soaked moong dal to a mixing bowl and stir in the ginger, green chilli, and jeera. Smoothen the mixture by grinding it.
  • In the following step, heat a skillet and quickly roast the coriander, saunf, and black pepper. These spices should be transferred to a mortar and pestle and finely ground there. Set aside the ground masala.
  • Add pounded masala, hing, salt, red chilli powder, turmeric powder, baking soda, kasoori methi, grated carrot, green peas, chopped capsicum, and rice flour to the moong dal mixer. Well, combine all the components.
  • Add water to change the consistency, then let the mixture rest for five minutes.
  • For 8 to 10 minutes over a medium-high flame, deep-fried the moong dal bhajis in hot oil. Remove them from the pan once they are golden brown and allow the extra oil to drip off onto a kitchen towel.
  • On the bhajis, add some red chilli powder and chaat masala. Your pakoras made with moong dal are now prepared for serving. Enjoy them with a side of green chutney.

Pudine wale Chole Recipe

Find Vegetarian Recipes: Pudine wale Chole Recipe

Pudine Wale Chole Recipe Materials:

  • Chickpeas soaked in 2 cups
  • Chana dal soaked: ½ cup
  • Water as required
  • Salt: ½ tbsp
  • Oil: 2 tbsp
  • Onion chopped:1 cup
  • Anardana powder: 1 tbsp
  • Chana masala powder: 1 tbsp
  • Roasted jeera powder: 1 tbsp
  • Chickpea stock:  ½ cup 1 cup
  • Green chilli julienne for garnish
  • Pomegranate seeds for garnish
  • Chopped coriander for garnish 
  • Mint sprig for garnish
  • Chutney
  • Mint leaves: ½ cup
  • Coriander 
  • Ginger: 1 inch
  • Green chili: 2 pcs
  • Garlic: 1 tbsp
  • Coriander: 1 cup
  • Water as required 
  • Puri
  • Wheat flour: 1 cup
  • Salt: 1 tsp
  • Ajwain: ½ tsp
  • Water as required 
  • Oil for deep frying

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How to Cook Pudine Wale Chole Recipe:

  • Take a pressure cooker and fill it with water, salt, and chana dal that has been soaked. For three to four whistles, pressure cooks them.
  • In the meantime, put mint leaves, ginger, garlic, green chili, coriander, and a small amount of water in a blender jar. them until paste forms.
  • After cooking, strain the chickpeas and chana dal, then lay them out on a platter. Don’t forget to save the strained stock or water.
  • Add the mint chutney to the cooked chickpeas and chana dal once they have cooled. Mix thoroughly, then let it sit for 30 to 60 minutes.
  • Once the pan is hot, add the oil. The chopped onion should be sautéed until golden.
  • Add anardana powder and a tiny bit of the chickpea stock after the onions have caramelized. The mixture is sautéed.
  • Then, add the chana dal and marinated chickpeas to the pan. Cook them while adding extra stock.
  • Salt, roasted jeera powder, and chana masala should be added. Cook the mixture until it has the consistency of coating.
  • Deep-fried some puris and set them aside while the chole cooks.
  • Serve chole on a plate with chopped onions, pomegranate seeds, chopped coriander, mint sprigs, and thinly sliced green chillies.
  • Serve hot puris alongside the pudding wale chole. Enjoy!

Paneer Angara Recipe

Paneer Angara Recipe

Paneer Angara Recipe Materials: 

  • Oil 4 tbsp
  • Bayleaf: 1 pc
  • Cinnamon: 1 inch
  • Black pepper: 10-12 pcs
  • Star anise:1 pc
  • Black cardamom: 1 pc
  • Cloves: 5-6 pcs
  • Onion chopped: 1 cup
  • Green chilli: 2 pcs 
  • Garlic: 5-6 cloves 
  • Ginger: 1 inch 
  • Tomato chopped: 2 cups 
  • Turmeric powder: 1½ tsp
  • Coriander powder: ½ tbsp
  • Red chilli powder: 1 tbsp 
  • Salt: ½ tbsp
  • Cashew nuts: 2 tbsp
  • Water as required 
  • Coriander stems: 10-12 pcs 
  • Capsicum dice: ½ cup
  • Ginger & garlic paste: 2 tbsp
  • Curd: ½ cup
  • Butter: 1 tbsp
  • Cream: 2 tbsp
  • Coal: 1 pc
  • Kasoori methi: 1 tbsp
  • Paneer: 400 gms
  • Lemon juice: 1 tbsp
  • Salt: ½ tsp
  • Red chili powder: ½ tbsp
  • Turmeric powder: ½ tbsp
  • Besan: ¼ cup
  • Mustard oil: 2 tbsp
  • Ginger & garlic paste: ½ tbsp
  • Roasted jeera powder: ½ tsp
  • Garam masala: ½ tsp
  • Curd: 5 tbsp
  • Oil: 2 tbsp

How to Cook Paneer Angara Recipe:

Paneer tikka preparation 

  • Cut the paneer into dice-sized pieces to start. Sprinkle the paneer with salt, lemon juice, turmeric powder, and red chilli powder.
  • Combine warm mustard oil, turmeric powder, roasted besan, ginger and garlic paste, roasted jeera powder, garam masala, and curd in a bowl. Well, combine all the components.
  • Add the marinated paneer to this mixture and coat it well.
  • Heat oil in a hot pan and cook the marinated paneer, making sure to cook all sides evenly.
  • After finishing cooking the paneer, remove it and continue with your recipe.

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Paneer Angara:

  • Oil is placed in a hot pan. Add the bay leaf, the cinnamon, the star anise, the cloves, and the black pepper. Let them fizz.
  • Then add onions and sauté them until golden brown. Continue sautéing after adding the ginger, garlic, and green chilies.
  • Then add the chopped tomatoes and simmer for a further 4-5 minutes. While cooking, place a lid on the pan.
  • Add salt, red chilli powder, coriander powder, and turmeric powder. Stir thoroughly, then sauté.
  • Add coriander stems, cashew nuts, and water to the pan. Cook for 7 to 8 minutes with a lid on.
  • Remove the whole spices after allowing the mixture to cool. Put the mixture in a mixer jar and pulse it until it becomes a paste.
  • Oil is placed in a hot pan. Throw the diced red pepper over a medium flame for 30 seconds. Capsicum should be taken out of the pan and placed aside.
  • Add extra oil, ginger-garlic paste, red chilli powder, and turmeric powder to the same pan. The mixture is sautéed.
  • Cook for 2–3 minutes after adding the curd.
  • Cook the ground paste for 5–6 minutes after adding it. Then, thoroughly combine the butter and cream.
  • Gently incorporate the cooked paneer into the sauce.
  • Put a steel bowl on top of the gravy, ignite coal in the bowl, add some oil, and cover the bowl with a lid. Give it a minute to fry in the steam.
  • Take out the coal-filled bowl, then combine the gravy.
  • Lastly, add the chopped coriander, butter, cream, and kasoori methi. Stir thoroughly.
  • Your Paneer Angara is currently prepared for serving.

Delicious Alur Dum & Luchi Recipe

Alur Dum & Luchi Recipe

Alur Dum & Luchi Recipe Materials:

Alur Dom:    

  • Baby potatoes (boiled & peeled): 2 cups
  • Salt: 1 tbsp
  • Turmeric powder: 1 tbsp
  • Mustard oil: ¼ cup
  • Bayleaf: 1 pc
  • Cinnamon: 1 inch
  • Black cardamom: 1 pc
  • Cloves: 5-7 pcs
  • Black pepper: 8-10 pcs
  • Hing: 1 tsp
  • Onion chopped: ½ cup
  • Ginger & green chilli paste: 1 tbsp
  • Red chilli powder: ½: tbsp
  • Jeera powder: ½ tbsp
  • Coriander powder: 1 tbsp
  • Curd: ½ cup
  • Black salt: 1 tsp
  • Tomato puree: ½ tbsp
  • Bengali garam masala: 1 tsp
  • Sugar: 1 tsp
  • Coriander chopped: 1 tbsp


  • Refined flour: 1 cup
  • Salt: ½ tbsp
  • Water as required  
  • Oil: 2 tbsp
  • Oil for frying   

How to Cook Alur Dum & Luchi Recipe:


  • Refined flour, salt, and oil should be combined in a bowl. Stir the flour mixture with the oil.
  • Gently knead the mixture into a soft dough while gradually adding water.
  • The dough should be oiled before being kneaded once more. The dough should be covered and left for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Equal pieces of dough should be divided.
  • Take one portion of the dough, rub some oil on the rolling surface, and roll it into a thick, flat circle.
  • An oil pan for deep frying is heating up. The rolled dough should be fried until golden brown and puffy. Both sides should be fried.
  • The fried dough should be taken out of the pan and placed on a paper towel to absorb any extra oil.
  • Your Luchi is currently prepared for service.

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Alur Dom:

  • Add potatoes, salt, and turmeric powder to a bowl. Toss them with the potatoes to coat them.
  • Mustard oil is added to a hot pan. Cook the potatoes with the marinade until golden brown, then add.
  • When the potatoes have finished cooking, take them out of the pan and place them in a basin.
  • Add bay leaf, cinnamon, black cardamom, cloves, mustard oil, black pepper, and hing to the same pan. Let them fizz.
  • Onions should then be added and cooked till golden brown.
  • Next, add ginger and green chilli paste to the pan.
  • Salt, red pepper flakes, jeera, coriander, and turmeric powder should be added.
  • Spices are sautéed.
  • Cook the mixture while stirring in the curd until the oil escapes.
  • Later, incorporate tomato puree and black salt. Cooking should go on.
  • Add Bengali garam spice and fried potatoes to the pan. The mixture is cooked.
  • Add sugar and coriander that have been cut last. Mix everything thoroughly.
  • Serve freshly fried luchi alongside Alur Dom. Enjoy!

Bengali Veg Thali Recipe

Bengali Veg Thali Recipe

If you are a Bengali vegetarian food lover then you are reading at the right place. Here are some of the recipes of Bengali vegetarian cuisine, you can find vegetarian recipes of Bengali cuisine and make your dinner memorable. Bengali vegetarian recipes for beginners.

Bengali Veg Thali Recipe Materials:

  • Turai peeled & diced: 2 cups
  • Poppy seeds: 1 tbsp
  • Dry red chilli: 2 pcs, 1 pc
  • Green chilli: 1 pcs
  • Water as required 
  • Mustard oil: 1 tbsp
  • Kalonji: ½ tbsp
  • Potato peeled & diced: 1 cup
  • Turmeric powder: ½ tbsp
  • Salt: ½ tbsp
  • Ghee: 1 tbsp

How to Cook Bengali Veg Thali Recipe:

  • Turai should be cleaned, peeled, and diced.
  • Warm water is used to soak poppies.
  • Make a paste in a blender jar by combining soaked poppy seeds, dry red chilli, coconut, green chilli, water, and mustard oil.
  • In a hot skillet, add the kalonji and mustard oil, and let it crackle.
  • After that, add potato dice and sauté. Cook it until it becomes soft enough while covering it with a lid.
  • Then add salt, turmeric powder, and diced turai and cook them.
  • Add some ghee after cooking them until the turai begins to wilt.
  • Jhinge Posto is available for service.

Bengali Dish Basanti pulao

Basanti Pulao Recipe Materials:

  • Ghee: 2 tbsp
  • Cinnamon: 1 inch
  • Green cardamom: 2 pcs
  • Bayleaf: 1 pc
  • Cloves: 4-5 pcs
  • Cashew: 1 tbsp
  • Raisins: 1 tbsp
  • Ginger paste: 1 tbsp
  • Salt: 1 tbsp
  • Turmeric powder: ½ tbsp
  • Gobind bhog rice soaked: 1 cup
  • Water: 1 ½ cups
  • Black pepper powder: ½ tsp
  • Sugar: 1 tsp

How to Cook Basanti Pulao Recipe:

  • Ghee is placed in a hot pan. Bay leaves, cloves, green cardamom, and cinnamon should be added. Let them fizz.
  • After that, add the cashew nuts and raisins to the pan and sauté them.
  • Stir in the ginger paste and cook it in the pan. Add salt and turmeric after that.
  • Stir the rice thoroughly before adding it to the pan.
  • Add sugar and black pepper powder to the pan after adding water. Combine all the ingredients.
  • Reduce the heat, place a lid on the pan, and continue cooking the pulav once the mixture reaches the boiling point.
  • Your Basanti Pulav is currently available for service. Enjoy!

Alur dom

Alur Dom

Bengali Dish Alur Dom Recipe Materials:

  • Baby potatoes: (boiled & peeled) 2 cups
  • Salt: 1 tbsp
  • Turmeric powder: 1 tbsp
  • Mustard oil: ¼ cup
  • Bayleaf: 1 pc
  • Cinnamon: 1 inch
  • Black cardamom: 1 pc
  • Cloves: 5-7 pcs
  • Black pepper: 8-10 pcs
  • Hing: 1 tsp
  • Onion chopped: ½ cup
  • Ginger & green chilli paste: 1 tbsp
  • Red chilli powder: ½ tbsp
  • Jeera powder: ½ tbsp
  • Coriander powder: 1 tbsp
  • Curd: ½ cup
  • Black salt: 1 tsp
  • Tomato puree: ½ tbsp
  • Bengali garam masala: 1 tsp
  • Sugar: 1 tsp
  • Coriander chopped: 1 tbsp

How to Cook Alur Dom Recipe:

  • Add potatoes, salt, and turmeric powder to a bowl. Mix them up until the potatoes are well covered.
  • Mustard oil is added to a hot pan. Cook the potatoes with the marinade until golden brown, then add.
  • When finished, take the potatoes out of the pan and place them in a bowl.
  • Add bay leaf, cinnamon, black cardamom, cloves, black pepper, and hing to the mustard oil that has been heated in the same pan. Let them fizz.
  • Add chopped onions to the pan after that and sauté them till golden brown.
  • Next, add ginger and green chilli paste to the pan.
  • Add salt, jeera powder, coriander powder, turmeric powder, and red chilli powder. Spices are sautéed.
  • Cook the mixture while stirring in the curd until the oil escapes.
  • Later, incorporate tomato puree and black salt. Cooking should go on.
  • Add Bengali garam spice and fried potatoes to the pan. The mixture is cooked.
  • Add sugar and coriander that have been cut last. Mix everything thoroughly.
  • Your Alur Dom is now prepared for consumption. Enjoy!

Bengali Dish Cholar Dal Recipe

Cholar Dal Recipe Materials:

  • Potato peeled: 2 pc
  • Chana dal soaked: 2 cups
  • Salt: 1 ½ tbsp
  • Turmeric powder: 1 tbsp
  • Bay leaf: 2 pcs
  • Mustard oil: 2-3 tbsp
  • Fresh coconut chopped: ¼ cup
  • Raisins: 1 tbsp
  • Cashew: 1 tbsp
  • Dry red chilli: 1 pc
  • Cinnamon: 1 inch
  • Green cardamom: 2 pcs
  • Cloves: 5-6 pcs
  • Hing: 1 tsp
  • Ginger paste: 1 tbsp
  • Garam masala: ½ tbsp
  • Green chilli: 2 pcs
  • Bengali garam masala: ½ tbsp
  • Sugar: 1 tbsp
  • Ghee: 1 tbsp

How to Cook Cholar Dal Recipe:

  • Put soaked chana dal, turmeric, a bay leaf, and water in a pressure cooker. For two whistles, cook it.
  • Mustard oil is added to a hot pan. Include cashews, raisins, and freshly sliced coconut. Cook them in a skillet until browned.
  • Remove them from the pan once they have turned golden brown and place them aside on a platter.
  • Potato dice should be added to the same pan and sautéed for two to three minutes at medium heat.
  • Then incorporate the green cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, and dry red chilli. They should be sautéed with hing.
  • Add salt, green chilli powder, jeera powder, turmeric powder, and a little water after that. The mixture is cooked.
  • If necessary, add more water and the cooked dal. It should boil.
  • Then combine sugar, fried coconut, raisins, and cashews with Bengali garam masala. Combine all the ingredients.
  • Add ghee after another minute of frying, then continue.
  • Your Cholar Dal is currently prepared for service. Enjoy!

Delicious Bengali Dish Paneer Paturi Recipe

Paneer Paturi Recipe Materials:

  • Black mustard seeds: 3 tbsp
  • White mustard seeds: 3 tbsp
  • Green chilli: 3 pcs
  • Salt: ½ tbsp
  • Turmeric: 1 tsp
  • Poppy seeds: 1 tbsp
  • Sugar: ½ tbsp
  • Mustard oil: 1 tbsp
  • Sour curd: 2 tbsp
  • Coconut: ¼ cup
  • Paneer thick slices: 4-5 pcs

How to Cook Paneer Paturi Recipe:

  • White and black mustard seeds, green chilies, salt, turmeric, poppy seeds, sugar, mustard oil, sour curd, coconut, and a little water should all be combined in a blender. Make a paste by grinding the components.
  • Apply the masala mixture to the paneer slices, then fold and knot them in banana leaves.
  • Mustard oil is added to a hot pan. The paneer packages should be placed in the skillet and cooked from both sides. Put a lid on the pan and let them cook.
  • Now that your paneer paturi is prepared, you can eat it. Enjoy!

Tasty Bengali Dish Luchi Recipe

Luchi Recipe Materials:

  • Refined flour: 1 cup
  • Suji: 2 tbsp
  • Salt: ½ tbsp
  • Water as required
  • Oil: 1 tbsp

How to Cook Luchi Recipe:

  • Refined flour, suji, salt, and water should be combined in a bowl and worked into a soft dough.
  • Then knead it while adding additional oil. For 10 to 15 minutes, cover it and leave it alone.
  • Separate it into pieces.
  • Apply some oil to the area for rolling, then take a piece and roll it into a thick, flat circle.
  • Deep fried it in hot oil until it pops up. Remove it from tissue and allow the extra oil to drain.
  • Luchi is prepared to assist.

Fantastic Bengali Dish Bhapa Doi Recipe

Bhapa Doi Recipe Materials:

  • Jaggery: 1 cup
  • Water: 2 tbsp
  • Hung curd: 2 cups
  • Condensed milk: ¼ cup
  • Green cardamom powder: ½ tsp 

How to Cook Bhapa Doi Recipe:

  • Jaggery and water are added to a hot pan. The jaggery should dissolve. After that, thoroughly combine the cardamom powder.
  • Hang curd, condensed milk, and melted jaggery should all be combined in a bowl. Combine all the ingredients.
  • After transferring the mixture to a bowl and wrapping it in plastic wrap, steam the mixture for 10 to 12 minutes.
  • Once finished, take it out of the steamer and chill it for three to four hours.
  • Add jaggery syrup as a garnish before serving.
  • Your Bhapa Doi is now prepared for consumption.

(Onion and Tomato) Pyaaz Tamatar ki Sabji Recipe

Find Vegetarian Recipes: Pyaaz Tamatar ki Sabji Recipe

Pyaaz Tamatar ki Sabji Recipe Materials:

  • Tomato: 2 pcs
  • Onion: 6-7 pcs
  • Oil: 2 tbsp
  • Bayleaf: 1 pc
  • Cinnamon: 1 inch
  • Cloves: 4-5 pcs
  • Green cardamom: 2 pcs
  • Black cardamom: 1 pc
  • Black pepper: 10-12 pcs
  • Ginger chopped: ½ tbsp
  • Garlic: 3-4 cloves
  • Jeera: 1 tbsp
  • Water as required
  • Mustard oil: 1 tbsp
  • Jeera: ½ tbsp
  • Hing: ½ tsp
  • Green chilli: 2 pcs
  • Garlic: 5-6 cloves
  • Salt: ½ tbsp ½ tbsp
  • Turmeric: ½ tbsp
  • Red chilli powder: 1 tbsp
  • Coriander powder: 1 tbsp
  • Jeera powder: 1 tbsp
  • Curd: ½ cup
  • Kasoori methi: 1 tbsp
  • Sabzi masala: ½ tbsp
  • Malai: 2 tbsp
  • Coriander chopped: 1 tbsp

How to Cook Pyaaz Tamatar ki Sabji Recipe:

  • Slice some tomatoes in half, then dice the rest of them after removing the seeds. Put them apart.
  • Make cross gashes on some whole onions and dice some others.
  • Oil, entire peeled onions, bay leaf, cinnamon, green cardamom, black cardamom, cloves, and black pepper are added to a skillet that has been heated. Sauté the onions until they are tender. Remove the onions and set them aside after finishing.

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  • The tomatoes should then be added to the skillet and cooked until they are just beginning to soften. Tomatoes should be taken out of the pan and placed aside.
  • Add the diced onions to the same pan and sauté them. Add the cumin seeds, ginger, and garlic after that. The mixture is sautéed.
  • After cooking the previously reserved tomato seeds for 3–4 minutes, add water.
  • Place the contents in a blender jar and pulse until it resembles a paste.
  • Mustard oil, cumin seeds, and asafoetida are added to a hot pan. Let them fizz.
  • Onions, garlic, and green chilies should then be added. Cook them.
  • Cook for 5-7 minutes after adding salt and the diced tomatoes.
  • Put the entire mixture on a platter and reserve it.
  • Add the ground paste, a little water, and simmer for 5-7 minutes in the same pan.
  • Red chilli powder, cumin, coriander, and turmeric powder should be added. Mix thoroughly.
  • Cook the gravy until the oil starts to come out.
  • Then cook it after adding yoghurt.
  • Cook while adding veggie masala and dried fenugreek leaves.
  • The cooked tomatoes and onions should now be added to the gravy.
  • Cook for 8 to 10 minutes with the cover on the pan over medium-low heat.
  • Finally, combine it with freshly made cream or malai and chopped coriander.
  • The serving of Pyaaz Tamatar ki sabzi has begun.

All these Vegetarian Recipe credits go to “Chief – Ajay Chopra”. Introducing Chef Ajay Chopra, a renowned judge of the first MasterChef India and MD of Zion Hospitality. Discover his exquisite food recipes and benefit from his expertise as a top restaurant and hotel consultant.

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