Hollywood star Tom Hanks had ‘predicted’ the rise of Artificial Intelligence

1. Tom Hanks suggests he could appear in new films even after his death due to advancements in artificial intelligence (AI).

2. Hollywood stars and their lawyers are trying to cope with the rise of technology that allows performers to be digitally recreated indefinitely.

3. Tom Hanks states that actors and their representatives are discussing the legal implications of digitally recreating actors, and current laws may allow him to star in films forever.

4. In an interview with the Adam Buxton podcast, Hanks mentions that discussions are happening in various industry guilds, agencies, and legal firms to address the intellectual property rights of actors' faces and voices.

5. Hanks reveals that he could potentially pitch a series of seven movies where he would star at his current age until an indefinite future.

6. Hanks references the movie "The Polar Express" (made around 2000) as the first instance where a significant amount of his own data was locked in a computer.

The Maurya Sir

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