Coeur d'Alene School District looks to renew $25 million levy

1. Voters in Kootenai County are voting on a $25 million levy for Coeur d'Alene Public Schools.

2. Supporters of the levy believe that its failure would have devastating and detrimental consequences.

3. This is the second attempt at passing the $25 million levy after it failed by 2% in March.

4. If the levy fails, over 100 jobs may be cut and extracurricular activities could be defunded.

5. Coeur d'Alene Public Schools states that 25% of the operating budget is at stake in this vote.

6. Luke Sharon, the incoming Lake City High School Student Body President, emphasizes the importance of electives and extracurriculars in shaping students' lives.

7. The district spends $1.5 million on extracurricular activities.

8. Stacey Armstrong, a parent, hopes the levy will pass to support sports and extracurricular activities for her eighth-grader entering high school.

9. Marie Nail, a North Idaho realtor, supports the levy as it could benefit home values in Kootenai County.

10. The levy, if passed, will be up for another vote in two years, as it does not include a perpetuity clause.

11. · Some individuals believe there should have been more responsible spending before asking voters for money, considering they have grandchildren in the district.

The Maurya Sir