Right Ways to Shake Hands


Shaking hands is a common gesture used to greet and establish a connection with others. Here are five appropriate ways to shake hands:

It is important to have a firm, but not overly strong, grip when shaking hands. A limp handshake can be seen as weak, while an overly firm grip can be uncomfortable. Find a balance and ensure your grip is confident and assertive.

1. Use a firm grip:

When shaking hands, maintain eye contact with the other person. This shows attentiveness and respect. Avoid looking around or checking your phone during the handshake, as it can give the impression of disinterest.

2. Maintain eye contact:

Extend your entire hand when shaking hands. This includes making palm-to-palm contact with the other person. Avoid offering just your fingers or an incomplete grip, as it can appear insincere or distant.

3. Offer a full hand:

Shake hands in a vertical motion, moving up and down two or three times. The shaking motion should be gentle and controlled. Be mindful of the other person's comfort and adjust accordingly.

4. Shake vertically with 2-3 pumps:

Along with the physical act of shaking hands, it's important to smile and offer a warm greeting. A friendly and positive demeanor can help create a welcoming atmosphere and establish a good rapport.

5. Smile and greet:

Remember, cultural norms may vary, and it's essential to be respectful and adapt to local customs when shaking hands in different regions or with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

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